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Feijoada Nights Stand Up Dinners

On March 26th. Brazil meets Brazil. Keyla Nogueira Cook, a chef in Pittsburgh who is responsible for bringing some Brazilian flavors to the Steel City will visit Maple Park, IL, and will cook with me and together we will host a Feijoada Night -  A Brazilian Stand Up Dinner. 

The menu will feature feijoada, a classic of Brazilian cuisine and considered the country’s national dish. Join us in this journey to Brazil though flavors and sounds, because yes, we will have Brazilian music!

20 guests


Fried Yuca
Pão de Queijo - (Brazilian Cheese Bread)
Feijoada (family style) rice, greens, farofa, oranges
Passion Fruit Mousse

Keyla is the chef and owner-operator of Feijoada To Go, a catering business who has been bringing flavors from Brazil to Pittsburgh. 

In 2015, Feijoada To Go was chosen the best catering business by the Latino Community in Pittsburgh. 

A little bit more about Keyla:

Donation: $75

Please note that your spot will only be confirmed with a registration.

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